Wine Tasting Dinner Nyc

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About Us Ricky Dolinsky and his wife Mariia opened Tzarevna hoping to bring Russian culture and fine cuisine to New Yorkers while defying the stereotypes that everything have to be followed by shot of vodka and chunk of potato. Kitchen is the heart of the restaurant and Ricky is the one to make sure it’s beating steadily. The delicious and creative menu is the result of his hard work (and play). Ricky began his culinary career at a young age, working in the Lin’s Palace restaurant managed by his uncle. He relocated to the Lower East Side of Manhattan in 2012, where he worked at several restaurants, moving up to the position of Chef de Cuisine at Fatta Cockoo at the age of 19. His cooking earned the restaurant the spot in “50 Best Brunches” by the New Yorker Magazine in 2014. Mariia was born and raised in Russia and knows first-hand the real meaning of russian hospitality. She is the authenticity guide of the restaurant as well as the dessert maker.

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