Rehearsal Dinner Atlanta

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LURE The patio at Lure is where my husband and I planned our own wedding. On a Sunday afternoon over brunch we sat for hours, eating beautiful food with the sun hinting through Bermuda shutters, and kissed and laughed and got lost in the luxury of our future together. It’s not hard to imagine why I love Lure… Oysters at Lure Aside from my personal feelings about this shining star, the seafood is the freshest and most expertly appointed in the city. One can taste the Long Island Sound in a single oyster and the Northeast Coast in the swordfish… the Baked Crab Dip is nothing less than sumptuous (especially with the house hot sauce!) and Executive Chef Brent Banda spends no small amount of time on innovation. Every dish thoughtfully prepared and elegantly presented. Part of the Fifth Group family of restaurants, Lure stands out for its gorgeous patio, which can be had in its entirety, or in part for a smaller group. The service is outstanding, with each staff member happy to share a world of knowledge and a true passion for both food and wine with their guests. For those wishing to treat their family and friends to an evening of magnificence… Lure. To Note: Couples holding their wedding at King Plow Arts Center receive a reduction when booking their rehearsal dinner at any Fifth Group restaurant.

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