Lamb Chop Dinner Menu

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January 12, 2015 When you’re making a very special dinner to serve to friends, such as my Jerusalem Cookbook Dinner Party, sometimes you really just need at least one dish that’s simple, easy, and crowd pleasing, and my Mint Butter Lamb Chops are all those things and more. Since lamb chops are on the expensive side of things, serving them on a night when there are lots of other dishes is a good way to get away with serving them in appetizer portions and still have guests feel like they got their fill. When I was creating the dish I wanted flavors that were interesting enough to stand up to the brilliant flavors and colors of the rest of the dishes; that is such an amazing quality of the Jerusalem recipes, but I also wanted to nod to things just a little more traditional like the pairing of lamb and mint. Because of the fresh mint in the Baba Ganoush via Jerusalem, I already had it on hand and it’s traditional ties to lamb made it an obvious choice. It was important to me that the mint felt savory, not sweet. Also, around this time I had mint and pea ravioli with spicy lamb sausage at Babbo and had been thinking about mint as a more savory pairing flavor generally. Things came together for me this the creation of these Mint Butter Lamb chops. I’ve made these chops several times now for private parties, and while I love the marinade and it’s effects, I promise that good things will come even if you skip that step and go straight for the mint butter. And if you skip the marinade, these Mint Butter Lamb Chops are truly a quick and easy dish that has a lot of impact for just a little time. Mint Butter Lamb Chops Serves 4 Mint Butter Lamb Chops are great as an appetizer or entree and a very special and modern twist on the tradition of pairing lamb with mint.

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